Paraben Free

Although the Korean beauty industry now very rarely use parabens at all, it must still be assured that all our skincare curation formulas do not contain any endocrine-disrupting parabens.

No harsh alcohols

Jen believes that denatured alcohols are best avoided in anything placed on you or your baby's skin outside of hygiene purposes. Unless otherwise stated, all our skincare curations are free of harsh or drying alcohols such as phenoxyethanol or alcohol denat.

Fragrance Free

Being especially sensitive to fragrances, Jen's latest skincare curations are 100% fragrance-free. On rare occasions when the formula is too excellent to pass (or for those 'OG' classic products) there may be some exceptions to the rule, in which case they will be clearly stated in the product descriptions.

No endocrine disruptors

Phthalates, formaldehydes, benzones, octisalate, homosalate, the list goes on. Whilst research continues to evolve and add new red ones to the list each day, we will do our very best to curate products with only the safest ingredients list possible. Rest assured, none of our skincare curations contain the above ingredients.

Sulfate Free

All products on CBJ are free of sulfates. In the case of foaming cleansers or shampoos, only products which use natural, safe alternatives to sulfates are considered for curation.

Colorant Free

It's a given, but cannot go without saying. All our skincare picks contain no artificial or synthetic colorants. Naturally, makeup not included.

pregnancy safe

A value close to Jen's heart and life, our skincare curations are safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding unless otherwise stated. When in doubt, please consult your doctor for safety of use as every individual's health situation is unique.

Sensitive skin-friendly

Aside from actives and chemical exfoliants which must be individually tested for compatibility and fit, all our skincare curations are mild, gentle and safe for sensitive skin. Unless stated, we do our best to avoid sensitizing essential oils and silicones. Again, for individual health concerns, please be sure to consult your medical professional.

Earth-friendly packaging

We care for the environment and our green footprint. We use recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping, non-plastic based paper tape, and the latest technology of award-winning, biodegradable vinyl to effectively yet responsibly protect your items on their journey from our shores to yours.

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for our precious little ones

Aren't they an extension of our hearts and bodies? Their newborn skin is so delicate and fragile, you want to do everything you can to protect it. I get it. When I became a mum, one of my greatest concerns was finding products I could truly trust to use on my baby. Here are a few of the ones I've been currently loving and want to recommend.

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