As one of the internet's first generation pioneers to talk about K-beauty, Jen (aka meejmuse) has essentially been 'curating' from the start. For over a decade, heart and soul has been poured into her work in the hopes of sharing with the world treasures uncovered on her journey, be it products to make one feel beautiful, to items that enable life to be lived that much more enjoyably.

With such passion overflowing into dreams of creating an easy-for-all, one-stop station to collate all her years of findings, it only made sense for this to be the next step. The support of family from all around the world is what has made this possible (thank you) and thus, Curated by Jen is dedicated to you; every step of the way done with you in mind.

From friend to friend, mother to mother, and sister to thee, Jen's only wish is for this special place to become yours, too – a safe, serene shore embellished with only the best of her tried and tested picks, that you will not only love, but make your own.

Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time here.

Jen and the CBJ team